119 Ramen Noodle Recipes


Nearly every college student, at one time or another, has lived off Ramen Noodles. Perhaps you weren’t in college; Perhaps you just got your first apartment and had to make every penny count. Here are several recipes to add flavor, zest & variety into a super fast, extra cheap meal– be it breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert!

5 Simple Ways To Start Packing for Winter Break


Winter break is approaching and finals week is days away. In fact it may have already begun for some of us. Either way both worrisome events are worthy of focus.   As you cram all the knowledge you’ve learned throughout the semester into your tiny little head, you are also expected to cram all of your belongings into trash bags and plastic bins. Sounds dreadful doesn’t it? There there now young one…… Read More

Students Could See College Money Dry Up


The House passed a $1 trillion dollar budget deal that will make it harder to get, and harder to keep, Pell Grants. Students taking longer than 6-years will have their grants cut off and fewer Pell Grants will be made available to new applicants. The Sacramento Bee reports that millions of students receive Pell grants every year. The government aid is offered to low-income students who don’t have to pay the money back. Jennifer… Read More

The ‘Freshman 15′ Is More Myth Than Reality


Late-night pizza and doughnuts, buffalo wings, beer kegs, unlimited waffle servings at Sunday brunch — these all seem to go with the college experience. But fear not, college freshmen. You’re not going to gain 15 pounds of weight your first year of college, as everyone claimed. Turns out, the gain is not anything close to that. According to a study slated for the December 2011 edition of Social Science Quarterly, college freshmen… Read More

Protesting College Student Pays Tuition In Dollar Bills


UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO SOPHOMORE NIC RAMOS REPORTEDLY PAID OFF HIS ENTIRE $14,309.51 TUITION LAST SEMESTER WITH A 33 LBS DUFFEL BAG OF CASH—dollar bills and change. He did this to show how expensive college is, or something.